Chain Tensioner Kit Himalayan BS III Royal Enfeild

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The Chain Tensioner Kit designed for Royal Enfield Himalayan BS III is an essential component that helps maintain proper chain tension in the motorcycle’s drive system. Precision-engineered for the specific Himalayan BS III model, this kit includes components such as the tensioner mechanism and associated parts.

The Chain Tensioner Kit ensures that the motorcycle’s chain is kept at the correct tension, which is crucial for smooth and efficient power transfer from the engine to the wheels. Proper chain tension also contributes to enhanced durability of the chain and sprockets, reducing wear and extending their lifespan. Regular maintenance and use of a reliable tensioner kit are essential for optimal performance and safety, making it a valuable accessory for Himalayan riders seeking smooth and reliable rides on diverse terrains.

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Chain Tensioner Kit Himalayan BS III Royal Enfeild

Applicability Base Model – Himalayan BS III

Applicability Model – BS III

Specification – Chain Tensioner Kit

Brand – Royal Enfeild


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