Clutch Cable Assy Himalayan Royal Enfield

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The Clutch Cable Assembly designed for the Royal Enfield Himalayan is a vital component of the motorcycle’s clutch system. Precision-engineered for the Himalayan model, this assembly includes the clutch cable, ensuring smooth and precise clutch operation. It connects the clutch lever to the clutch mechanism, allowing riders to engage and disengage the clutch effectively.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Clutch Cable Assembly ensures reliable performance, providing responsive control over the motorcycle’s clutch. It is designed to withstand regular use and offers durability, contributing to a seamless riding experience for Himalayan enthusiasts. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of the clutch cable assembly are essential to ensure the motorcycle’s smooth gear transitions and overall performance.

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Usage & Utility
Black PVC outer sheathing provides maximum flexibility and durability.OEM- Pre-Stretched inner wire is flared out before the terminal end is cast for superior pull-out resistance. style cables have nylon-lined housings and use precise OEM component dimensions

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – Himalayan

Applicability Model – BS3 / BS4 / BS6

Specification – Material: Plastic, Rubber, Steel wire Weight:0.190 kg Colour: Multicolour Used in Clutch

Alternate Part No – 574337/A

Know Your Product – The conduit is spiral-wound steel covered with tough black PVC. Galvanized steel wire for long life and easy soldering High strength stainless steel wire


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