Dipper switch button for JUPITER BS4 with passing switch

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The dipper switch button designed for Jupiter BS4 models, equipped with a passing switch, is a vital component that allows riders to toggle between high and low beams effortlessly. Crafted with precision, this switch ensures smooth operation and accurate control of the scooter’s lighting system.

Engineered with a passing switch function, this dipper switch button enables riders to briefly switch to high beam headlights, enhancing visibility during overtaking or challenging road conditions. Its ergonomic design and responsive button provide a comfortable and intuitive experience for the rider.

By choosing this genuine accessory, Jupiter BS4 owners can enjoy enhanced safety and convenience during their rides. This dipper switch button with a passing switch not only ensures compliance with road safety regulations but also contributes to a more secure and enjoyable riding experience, especially in low-light or high-traffic situations.

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