Fender Comp Front For Hero Splendor iSmart

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The Fender Comp Front for Hero Splendor iSmart is a vital component designed to provide protection and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the motorcycle’s front section. Specifically crafted for the Splendor iSmart model, this front fender assembly guards the front wheel, preventing mud, water, and debris from splashing onto the rider and the bike’s body. Engineered for a precise fit and durability, the front fender not only ensures a cleaner riding experience but also adds to the overall aesthetics of the motorcycle. It is an essential part that combines functionality and style, enhancing the appearance and rider experience for Hero Splendor iSmart owners.

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Fender Comp Front For Hero Splendor iSmart
Usage & Utility:-
May also be used in a variety of custom applications.consistent flawless finish while minimizing body work. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness

Additional Information – Splendor iSmart

Applicability Base Model – 2013 2014

Specification – Material: ABS Weight: 0.400 kg Colour: Black Thickness: 2.3 mm

Know Your Product – It is durable and convenient. Made from ABS resin Black & Grey in Colour Highly Long lasting


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