Fuel Level Sensor-Himalayan Royal Enfield

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The Fuel Level Sensor designed for Royal Enfield Himalayan is a critical component of the motorcycle’s fuel system. Precision-engineered for the Himalayan model, this sensor accurately measures the fuel level inside the tank. It sends real-time data to the motorcycle’s fuel gauge, allowing riders to monitor their fuel levels and plan their journeys accordingly.

The Fuel Level Sensor enhances the rider’s convenience by providing accurate information about the remaining fuel, preventing unexpected fuel shortages during rides. It ensures a more reliable and efficient fuel management system for the Royal Enfield Himalayan, contributing to a smoother and worry-free riding experience.

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Usage & Utility
Fuel Cock mounted on or nearby the fuel tank to control the supply of Fuel: on, off, and reserve.
Fuel Level Sensor-Himalayan Royal Enfield
Additional Information
Applicability Base Model – Himalayan
Specification – Material: Nitrile Rubber, Nylon,Carbon manganese steel Weight: 0.098 kg Length: 195 mm Dia. : 27 mm
Know Your Product – Made from rubber, nylon & steel. It is durable and convenient.


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