GEAR, PRIMARY DRIVE, 20 TEETH ( Achiever, Hunk, Impulse, X-Treme)

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Usage & Utility
Primary gears are the gear on the end of the shaft drive by the clutch and the gear that it drives.

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – Achiever, Hunk, Impulse, X-Treme

Applicability Model – Achiever (Apr, 2010), Achiever (July, 2012), Achiever (Nov, 2006), Achiever (Nov, 2014), Achiever (Oct, 2005), Hunk (Aug, 2012), Hunk (Jan, 2009), Hunk (Jun, 2009), Hunk (Oct, 2007), Hunk (Oct, 2010), Impulse (Oct, 2011), X-Treme (Apr, 2011), X-Treme (Oct, 2006), X-Treme (Oct, 2008)

Specification – Material: SCM 420H Weight: 0.094 kg No. Of Teeth: 20 Length : 17 mm. Dia. : 33.9 mm.

Know Your Product – Made from Alloy Steel High quality and competive price. It is durable and convenient. Application-specific design ensures a perfect fit.


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