Key Set For Hero Maestro Edge,Maestro Edge 125

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The “Key Set for Hero Maestro Edge and Maestro Edge 125” is an essential replacement component designed for Hero scooters. This set includes keys and locks specifically crafted to fit Hero Maestro Edge and Maestro Edge 125 models. It plays a vital role in the scooter’s security system, allowing owners to start the scooter and lock/unlock various compartments securely. Replacing the key set ensures the scooter’s proper functionality, enabling riders to operate their scooters safely and confidently. For accurate fitment and security, it is recommended to obtain the key set from authorized Hero dealers or service centers.

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Usage & Utility
A switch is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another.
Additional Information
Applicability Base Model – Maestro Edge, Maestro Edge 125

Applicability Model – Maestro Edge (2017), Maestro Edge 125 (2019-2023)

Specification – Material: Acetal Resin, SUS, HD2. Dia.: 26 mm Weight: 0.320 kg Length: 122 mm Used in: Key Set

Know Your Product – Made from Hot Extrusion Die Stee, Stainless Steel, and Acetal Resin. It is durable and convenient. 100% Brand new and high quality


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