Magnet Assy Flywheel Comp.(nd) Karizma R All Models (2007 To 2014)

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1. This Magnet Assy Flywheel Comp. is designed for Karizma R models from 2007 to 2014. It is a crucial component that helps in the smooth functioning of the engine by generating the necessary magnetic field for ignition.
2. Made with high-quality materials, this flywheel assembly ensures durability and reliability for your motorcycle. It is a genuine replacement part that meets the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer, guaranteeing a perfect fit and performance.
3. Keep your Karizma R running smoothly with this Magnet Assy Flywheel Comp. that is designed to deliver optimal performance and efficiency. Upgrade your motorcycle with this essential component to ensure a long-lasting and trouble-free riding experience.

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1. The Magnet Assy Flywheel Comp. for Karizma R All Models (2007 To 2014) is a crucial component designed to work seamlessly with the Karizma R motorcycles manufactured between 2007 and 2014. This high-quality magnet assembly is specifically engineered to ensure optimal performance and reliability for your bike. The flywheel assembly plays a key role in the functioning of the engine by generating electricity and maintaining the rotational speed of the engine.

2. This Magnet Assy Flywheel Comp. is made with durable materials to withstand the rigors of regular use and provide long-lasting performance. It is designed to meet the exact specifications of the original part, ensuring a perfect fit and easy installation. By replacing your old or worn-out flywheel assembly with this genuine part, you can restore the efficiency and power of your Karizma R motorcycle. Trust this Magnet Assy Flywheel Comp. to deliver the performance and durability you need for a smooth and reliable ride every time.