Magnet Coil Assy Stator Comp X-treme 160-r Fi Bs-vi 2020 Latest

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1. The Magnet Coil Assembly Stator Component X-treme 160-R Fi BS-VI 2020 Latest is a high-quality and advanced component designed for motorcycles.
2. This assembly features the latest technology and is specifically designed for the X-treme 160-R model with fuel injection and BS-VI compliance.
3. With superior magnetic properties and durable construction, this stator component ensures optimal performance and reliability for your motorcycle.

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1. The Magnet Coil Assy Stator Comp X-treme 160-r Fi Bs-vi 2020 Latest is a top-of-the-line stator assembly designed for the X-treme 160-r motorcycle model with fuel injection technology. This product is specifically crafted for the latest BS-VI emission standards, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with environmental regulations. The magnet coil assembly plays a crucial role in generating the electrical current needed to power the motorcycle’s ignition system, making it an essential component for smooth and reliable engine operation.

2. This stator assembly is constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering to deliver long-lasting durability and exceptional performance. The latest design features incorporated in this product ensure improved efficiency and reliability, making it a perfect choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who demand the best from their vehicles. With the Magnet Coil Assy Stator Comp X-treme 160-r Fi Bs-vi 2020 Latest, riders can enjoy a seamless riding experience with enhanced power delivery and fuel efficiency. Upgrade your X-treme 160-r motorcycle with this cutting-edge stator assembly and experience the difference in performance and reliability.