RR UNIT (SHUNT-THREE PHASE) – Himalayan Royal Enfield

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The RR Unit (Shunt-Three Phase) designed for Royal Enfield Himalayan is a vital component of the motorcycle’s electrical system. Specifically engineered for the Himalayan model, this unit, also known as a rectifier-regulator, ensures proper charging of the battery and regulates the electrical output generated by the motorcycle’s alternator. It converts alternating current (AC) from the alternator into direct current (DC), which is essential for charging the battery and powering various electrical components.

The RR Unit (Shunt-Three Phase) is crucial for maintaining a stable electrical system, preventing overcharging of the battery and protecting sensitive electronic components. It plays a significant role in ensuring the Himalayan’s reliable performance and electrical functionality, making it an essential part for riders seeking to maintain the optimal operation of their Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles.

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Usage & Utility
The rectifier’s job is to convert this AC power into Direct Current power so it can be used to charge the bike’s battery
RR UNIT (SHUNT-THREE PHASE) – Himalayan Royal Enfield

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – Himalayan Royal Enfield

Specification – N/A

Know Your Product – Made from Hot Extrusion Die Steel,Nylon. Manufactured with modern high grade components for optimal performance.


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