6001-c-c3 Bearing (Fag)

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1. The 6001-c-c3 Bearing (Fag) is a high-quality product designed for various industrial applications.
2. Manufactured by Fag, a renowned brand in the industry, this bearing offers exceptional performance and durability.
3. With its C3 clearance, it provides increased radial internal clearance, making it suitable for high-speed operations.
4. The 6001-c-c3 Bearing is designed to withstand heavy loads and operate smoothly, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.
5. Its compact size and easy installation make it a versatile choice for a wide range of machinery and equipment.
6. Whether used in automotive, manufacturing, or other industries, this bearing is a reliable solution for your mechanical needs.

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  • its Fag Brand Products
  • model Number : 6001
  • high Rotation Speed.
  • good Dust Prevention Effect.
  • rust Proof Venus Quality
  • friction Free 100% Genuine Quality 
  • long Lasting And Vendor Brands Products
  • mostly Use In Bikes &Amp; Scooters
  • use In Front And Rear Wheels, Sprockets, Engine/crank And Gear Box Etc


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