Arm, Valve Rocker (Hf Dawn, Hf Deluxe)

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The Valve Rocker Arm for HF Dawn and HF Deluxe motorcycles is a crucial engine component responsible for actuating the intake and exhaust valves. Precision-engineered for efficient valve operation, this rocker arm ensures proper timing and smooth functioning of the engine. Crafted with high-quality materials, it offers durability and reliability, contributing to the motorcycle’s overall performance. Specifically designed for HF Dawn and HF Deluxe models, this genuine Hero part guarantees compatibility and easy installation. Replacing worn-out or faulty rocker arms with this genuine component helps maintain optimal engine performance, ensuring a smooth and efficient riding experience for HF Dawn and HF Deluxe owners.

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Usage & Utility
Rocker Arms are typically in between the pushrod and the intake and exhaust valves. They allow the pushrods to push up on the rocker arms and therefore push down on the valves. However, in Over Head Cam applications the Cam will ride directly on the Rocker Arm

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – HF Dawn, HF Deluxe

Applicability Model – 100 SS (Mar, 2005), HF Dawn (Apr, 2003), HF Dawn (Mar, 2005), HF Deluxe (Mar, 2005), Splendor Pro (Sep, 2010)

Specification – Weight : 0.045 kg Thread Major Dia. : 5 mm. Thread Minor Dia. : 4.454 mm. Used in: Cam Shaft

Know Your Product – Made from Steel. It is durable and convenient. Component to be Barrel Polished


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