Brack Shoe Assy Front – Bullet Royal Enfield

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The Brack Shoe Assy Front for Bullet Royal Enfield is a high-quality product designed specifically for Royal Enfield motorcycles. This front brake shoe assembly ensures optimal braking performance and safety on the road. Made with durable materials, it offers long-lasting reliability and efficient stopping power. With its precise fit and easy installation, this brake shoe assembly is an essential component for maintaining the braking system of your Bullet Royal Enfield motorcycle.

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Brack Shoe ASSY Front – Bullet Royal Enfield
Usage & Utility
Brake Shoes are an important component of the braking mechanisms in vehicles. These brake shoes consist of two welded parts in a crescent shape having holes and slots for attaching springs and other hardware. The force on the wheel and axle assembly is applied through the brake shoes. Brake shoes are made of high grade metals are resistant to wear & heat along with having a high frictional coefficient.

Brack Shoe ASSY Front – Bullet Royal Enfield

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – Bullet

Applicability Model –N/A

Specification – Material: AL alloy Die Casting, HCC7540 No. Of Part: 04 Weight of Shoe comp. Brake: 0.142 kg Thickness Shoe comp. Brake: 25 mm

Know Your Product – Made from an AL Alloy kit consisting 4 part Highly durable Corrosion Resistance body.