Brake Fluid Dot 3 100ml

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1. Our Brake Fluid Dot 3 100ml is a high-quality brake fluid that meets or exceeds all DOT 3 specifications.
2. It is designed to provide reliable and consistent performance in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.
3. This brake fluid is compatible with all types of hydraulic brake systems and is ideal for use in cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
4. With its low viscosity and high boiling point, our Brake Fluid Dot 3 100ml ensures maximum braking power and helps prevent brake fade.
5. It comes in a convenient 100ml bottle, making it easy to add to your brake system as needed.
6. Trust our Brake Fluid Dot 3 100ml to keep your brakes operating at their best and ensure your safety on the road.

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  • Bosch DOT 3 brake fluids are suitable for the vehicles as recommended in Owner’s Manual/Operating instruction from OEM.
  • New Generation and High speed vehicles equipped with ESP and ABS may require DOT 4 or higher grade of brake fluid.
  • DOT 3 brake fluid should not be mixed with other brake fluids or mineral oil fluids. A replacement interval of at least once a year is recommended.

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