Carburettor Air Hose Clamp (Small)-yamaha Rx100/135

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1. The Carburettor Air Hose Clamp (Small) is specifically designed for Yamaha RX100/135 motorcycles. This high-quality clamp ensures a secure and tight connection between the carburetor and the air hose, preventing any air leaks. Made from durable materials, it provides long-lasting performance and reliability. With its compact size, it is easy to install and fits perfectly on the Yamaha RX100/135 models. Upgrade your motorcycle’s carburetor system with this reliable and efficient air hose clamp.

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  • also Calls Fork Boots Clamp
  • come With Adjstment Bolt And Nut
  • venus Metal Quality Use In It
  • perfect Sutable With Out Any Issues
  • long Lasting Products


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