Case Comp. Air Cleaner For Hero Splendor+ (2012)

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The “Case Comp. Air Cleaner” is a specific component designed for the Hero Splendor+ motorcycle model from 2012. This case houses the air filter, ensuring that the engine receives clean and filtered air for combustion. Replacing the air cleaner case with this specific Hero part ensures proper filtration and optimal engine performance. For accurate installation, it’s advisable to refer to the product documentation or consult with authorized Hero dealers or mechanics.

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Case Comp. Air Cleaner Splendor+ (2012)

Usage & Utility
The air cleaner filter element is a constituent of the filter device that is used to get rid of solid particles in the air, volatile gas components in the atmosphere, or engine filters. This element is an important part of the air cleaner device The air cleaner filter is specially fitted with the elements that aid in better trapping of dust, dirt, and soot in the engine. The air cleaner filter element helps in keeping engines functional without posing any risk to their health.
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SPECIFICATION – Case Comp. Air Cleaner Splendor+ (2012)


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