Castrol Active Essential 20W40 900 ml

SKU: CAE20W40 (0.9L)
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Part brand: Castrol
Part type: Engine Oil
Part ID: CAE20W40 (0.9L)

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1. The Castrol Active Essential 20W40 900 ml is a high-quality engine oil that is designed to provide optimal performance and protection for your vehicle’s engine. This oil is specifically formulated to meet the needs of motorcycles and scooters, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

2. With a viscosity grade of 20W40, this engine oil offers excellent lubrication and protection, even in extreme temperatures. It is suitable for both air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of vehicles. The 900 ml size is perfect for regular oil changes, ensuring that your engine stays clean and well-maintained.

This engine oil is part of the Castrol Active range, which is known for its advanced technology and superior performance. It contains special additives that help to reduce engine wear, minimize friction, and enhance fuel efficiency. The Castrol Active Essential 20W40 900 ml is also designed to resist oxidation and thermal breakdown, ensuring that it maintains its performance even under demanding conditions.

Whether you use your motorcycle or scooter for daily commuting or long rides, the Castrol Active Essential 20W40 900 ml is an ideal choice to keep your engine running smoothly. It provides excellent protection against engine deposits, sludge, and corrosion, extending the life of your engine and ensuring optimal performance. Trust Castrol Active to deliver the reliability and performance that your vehicle deserves.


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