Cdi For Suzuki Access 125 Old Model Part No-g50

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Introducing the CDI for Suzuki Access 125 Old Model, Part No-g50. This high-quality component is designed specifically for the old model of the Suzuki Access 125 scooter. The CDI, or Capacitor Discharge Ignition, plays a crucial role in the ignition system, ensuring reliable and efficient spark generation for optimal engine performance. With its precise fit and durable construction, this CDI is a perfect replacement for the original part, providing a seamless and hassle-free installation. Upgrade your Suzuki Access 125 Old Model with the CDI Part No-g50 for enhanced ignition and overall performance.

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Capacitor Discharge Ignition for reliable rides
Why does your Bike require a CDI?
A Capacitor Discharge Ignition or CDI is an electronic ignition device that stores an electrical charge and then discharges it through an ignition coil in order to produce a powerful spark from the spark plugs of your Bike’s engine Before buying please match the CDI part no. from your bike to ensure you buy the correct item
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