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The Element Complete Air Cleaner for Hero Karizma is an essential component of the motorcycle’s air intake system. This complete air filter assembly ensures that the engine receives clean and filtered air, essential for optimal combustion and efficient performance. Crafted with precision and designed specifically for Hero Karizma, this genuine replacement part provides reliable filtration, preventing dust and debris from entering the engine. It contributes to the motorcycle’s longevity and overall engine health. Easy to install, this genuine Hero part guarantees compatibility and effective air filtration, ensuring the engine operates smoothly and efficiently, making it an essential choice for Karizma owners looking to maintain their motorcycle’s performance.

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Usage & Utility
Air cleaner filter element is a constituent of the filter device that is used to get rid of solid particles in the air, volatile gas components in the atmosphere or engine filters. This element is an important part of the air cleaner device The air cleaner filter is specially fitted with the elements that aid in better trapping of dust, dirt and soot in the engine. The air cleaner filter element helps in keeping engines functional without posing any risk to its health.

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – Karizma

Applicability Model – Karizma (May, 2014)

Specification – Material: Polypropylene Colour : Black No. Of filter paper pleats: 35. Pleat Pitch: 4.5 Used In : Air Cleaner

Know Your Product – Made from Polypropylene It is durable and convenient. Material is normally tough and flexible Black in Colour.


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