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1. Introducing the Castrol Scooter 10W-30/4T 800ml engine oil, a high-quality lubricant designed specifically for scooters.
2. This engine oil is formulated to provide excellent protection and performance for your scooter’s engine, ensuring smooth operation and prolonging its lifespan.
3. With its 10W-30 viscosity grade, it offers optimal flow at both low and high temperatures, ensuring reliable lubrication in various weather conditions.
4. The 800ml size is perfect for regular maintenance, providing enough oil to keep your scooter running smoothly for an extended period.
5. Trust Castrol, a renowned brand known for its expertise in lubricants, to deliver superior quality and performance with this scooter engine oil.

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Viscosity 20W-40
Brand Castrol
Vehicle Service Type Scooter
Liquid Volume 800 Millilitres

About this item

  • Castrol Activ Scooter with Actibond Molecules clings to critical engine parts, for improved corrosion protection, even while the engine is off
  • JASO MB formulation specially designed for gearless scooters
  • Home installation available on selected products and selected cities
  • Castrol Activ is like a 24×7 bodyguard that protects your motorbike or scooter from stressful everyday commutes in the city
  • Its superior technology delivers continuous protection at all times for your motorcycle or scooter engine


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