Front Alloy Wheel For Hero Achiever 150

SKU: K44446AAMB000S
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The Front Alloy Wheel designed for Hero Achiever 150 is a high-quality and durable component specifically crafted to enhance the motorcycle’s performance and aesthetics. Made from lightweight yet sturdy materials, this alloy wheel offers improved maneuverability and stability on the road. Its sleek design not only adds a sporty look to the motorcycle but also contributes to better heat dissipation, ensuring efficient braking performance.

Tailored for the Hero Achiever 150 model, this front alloy wheel provides enhanced durability and resistance to wear and tear, making it a reliable choice for riders seeking both style and performance. It is a valuable upgrade for Achiever 150 owners looking to improve their motorcycle’s handling, responsiveness, and overall visual appeal.

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Front Alloy Wheel For Hero Achiever 150

Applicability Base Model – Hero Achiever 150

Applicability Model – 2-16-2018

Color – Black

Specification – Material: AL alloy Used In Wheel Assy.

Know Your Product – Made from Aluminum Alloy Best performance gain for the money and effort. Flawless finish and Sturdy design Powder Coating.


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