GASKET KIT (HF Dawn, Splendor Plus )

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The Gasket Kit for HF Dawn and Splendor Plus motorcycles is an essential collection of precision-engineered gaskets designed to maintain a tight seal in the engine. Crafted with high-quality materials, this kit includes various gaskets such as the cylinder head gasket, crankcase gasket, and more, ensuring leak-free connections between engine components. Specifically tailored for HF Dawn and Splendor Plus models, this genuine Hero part guarantees compatibility and effortless installation. Regularly replacing worn or damaged gaskets with this kit is vital for preventing oil and gas leaks, preserving engine efficiency, and ensuring a smooth and reliable riding experience for HF Dawn and Splendor Plus owners.

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Usage & Utility
All gaskets made from the highest quality materials.gasket materials will endure high combustion temperatures, high combustion/explosion pressures.gasket sets are of high quality with reliability and performance available at budget friendly price.

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – HF Dawn, Splendor Plus

Applicability Model – 2003-2003

Specification – Material: HF 112100 No. Of Part: 09 Thickness Gasket cylinder Head: 0.3 mm

Know Your Product – Made from Steel kit consist 9 part Corrosion Resistence body. Good strength


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