Head Lamp Casing With Harness Assy Himalaya Royal Enfield

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Introducing the Head Lamp Casing With Harness Assy for the Himalaya Royal Enfield. This product is designed to provide a durable and reliable casing for the headlamp, ensuring optimal protection and functionality. The included harness assembly ensures easy installation and secure connection, making it a convenient choice for Royal Enfield owners. With its high-quality construction and compatibility with the Himalaya model, this headlamp casing and harness assembly is a must-have accessory for any Royal Enfield enthusiast.

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Usage & Utility
This device attaches to the headlight bulb inside the case and pulses the high beam quickly. The visual effect is the headlight is flashing. Improves visibility of the motorcycle to other drivers/riders.

Additional Information


APPLICABLE MODEL ? Himalaya Royal Enfield

SPECIFICATION:- Material: PC, Rubber Sponge, EPDM. PVC

KNOW YOUR PRODUCT:- Flexible Durable, high quality and long life Enhance the look of your Motorcycle with this Custom Headlight. Direct Fit, Easy Installation Material. Modern, Stylish, and Functional.