LIGHT ASSY TAIL(W/O BULB) | Ignitor | 2012-2014 | Hero

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The “LIGHT ASSY TAIL(W/O BULB) | Ignitor | 2012-2014 | Hero” refers to a specific tail light assembly designed for Hero Ignitor motorcycles manufactured between 2012 and 2014. This assembly includes the tail light housing and lens but does not come with the bulb. Tail light assemblies are crucial components of a motorcycle’s lighting system, providing rear illumination and ensuring visibility to other vehicles on the road, especially during braking. This Hero part is tailored for Ignitor models, ensuring proper fitment and compatibility. Replacing a damaged or non-functional tail light assembly with this component ensures proper lighting functionality, enhancing the motorcycle’s safety while riding. For accurate fitment and installation, it’s advisable to refer to the product documentation or consult with authorized Hero dealers or mechanics.

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LIGHT ASSY TAIL(W/O BULB) | Ignitor | 2012-2014 | Hero
Usage & Utility
The tail Light is usually a red warning light mounted at the rear of a Motorcycle
Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – Ignitor

Applicability Model – 2012-2014

Specification – Material: PP, PMMA, Rubber Sponge, EPDM. PVC Weight: 0.850 kg. Color: Black Bulb 12V 10W Used in Tail Light Assy.

Know Your Product – Very low energy consumption so that the engine power is not reduced. Flexible Durable, high quality, and long life. Made of polypropylene with polycarbonate face.


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