Meter glass for jupiter ZX analogue meter TVS genuine product K6221959

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The meter glass designed for Jupiter ZX with an analogue meter, bearing the part number K6221959, is a genuine TVS product crafted to ensure the protection and visibility of the scooter’s instrument panel. Specifically engineered for the Jupiter ZX model, this meter glass offers a clear and durable cover for the analogue meter, safeguarding it from dust, scratches, and other environmental elements.

Made from high-quality materials, this meter glass provides a transparent surface that allows for easy reading of speed, fuel level, and other essential information while riding. Its precision design guarantees a perfect fit and easy installation, preserving the integrity of the scooter’s dashboard.

By choosing this authentic TVS replacement meter glass, Jupiter ZX owners can maintain the clarity and longevity of their scooter’s instrument panel. This component not only enhances the visibility of the analogue display but also ensures a safe and informed riding experience, making it an essential and reliable choice for Jupiter ZX riders.

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