Panel Floor For Hero, Pleasure Plus

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The Panel Floor designed for Hero Pleasure Plus is a specific replacement part tailored to fit the scooter’s floorboard. Crafted with precision and durability, this panel provides additional protection to the scooter’s undercarriage, shielding it from dust, debris, and potential damage. Specifically engineered for the Pleasure Plus model, this panel floor not only preserves the scooter’s functionality but also maintains the overall aesthetics, adding to the scooter’s visual appeal. It is an essential component for riders looking to protect their scooter’s underbody and enhance its appearance, ensuring both practicality and style for their Hero Pleasure Plus.

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Panel Floor For Hero, Pleasure Plus

A scooter cowl is a shell placed over the frame of scooters, with the primary purpose to reduce air drag. The secondary functions are the protection of the rider.

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – Pleasure Plus

Applicability Model – 2021

Specification – Panel Floor For Hero


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