Pipe Strg Handle Splendor+ (2017) Splendor+ iBS (2019) Splendor+ iBS BSVI (2020) Splendor Plus(2023)

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The “Pipe Steering Handle” is a specific component designed for various versions of the Hero Splendor Plus motorcycle, including the 2017, 2019, 2020 (iBS BSVI), and 2023 models. This pipe helps connect the handlebar to the motorcycle’s frame, ensuring proper steering control. Replacing the steering handle pipe with this specific Hero part ensures proper fitment and maintains the motorcycle’s handling and steering functionality. For accurate installation, it’s advisable to refer to the product documentation or consult with authorized Hero dealers or mechanics.

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Usage & Utility:

Steering Handle Pipe refers to the steering mechanism for a MOTORCYCLE; the equivalent of a steering wheel. Besides steering, handlebars also often support a portion of the rider’s weight, depending on their riding position, and provide a convenient mounting place for brake levers, shift levers, cyclo computers, bells, etc. Handlebars are attached to a bike’s stem which in turn attaches to the fork.

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model –Splendor Plus

Applicability Model – Splendor Plus 2017 2019 2020 2022 2021 2023


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