Protector Muffler For Hero Pleasure+ (2019)

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Introducing the Protector Muffler for the Hero Pleasure+ (2019), a high-quality accessory designed to enhance the performance and style of your scooter. This muffler is specifically crafted to fit seamlessly with the Hero Pleasure+ (2019) model, providing optimal protection and durability. With its sleek design and superior construction, the Protector Muffler not only adds a touch of elegance to your scooter but also ensures a quieter and smoother ride. Upgrade your Hero Pleasure+ (2019) with the Protector Muffler and experience enhanced performance and style like never before.

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Protector Muffler For Hero Pleasure+ (2019)
Usage & Utility
Exhaust device that cools exhaust gases, quiets exhaust noise and provides back pressure to improve engine performance.
ApplicabilityBaseModel – Hero Pleasure+
Applicability Model – 2019
Specification – Material: CRCS Sheet Weight: 0.420 kg Thickness: 0.8 mm Used in Muffler Assy.
Know Your Product – Made from Steel. It is durable and convenient. Made by High-Quality Polished Steel


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