Saddle Bag Right Hand Himalayan BS IV Royal Enfield

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The Saddle Bag designed for the right-hand side of the Royal Enfield Himalayan BS IV is a purpose-built accessory crafted for adventure enthusiasts. Precision-engineered to fit seamlessly on the motorcycle, this saddlebag provides additional storage space for riders. It is designed for durability and practicality, allowing riders to carry essential items securely during their journeys.

Tailored specifically for the Himalayan BS IV model, this saddlebag complements the motorcycle’s rugged design, enhancing its functionality for long rides and off-road adventures. It is an essential addition for riders seeking extra storage capacity without compromising the bike’s balance and maneuverability. The right-hand saddlebag is ideal for storing tools, documents, or personal belongings, making it a valuable accessory for Himalayan riders exploring diverse terrains.

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Saddle Bag Right Hand Himalayan BS IV Royal Enfield

Applicability Base Model – Himalayan

Applicability Model – BS IV

Specification – Saddle Bag Mtg- Right Hand

Brand – Royal Enfeild


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