Spark Minda Lock Kit Set Of 4 for Pulsar 150

SKU: KT-2169Z
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Part brand: Spark Minda
Part type: Lock set
Part ID: KT-2169Z
For bike(s): Bajaj Pulsar 150

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1. The Spark Minda Lock Kit Set Of 4 for Pulsar 150 is a must-have accessory for all Pulsar 150 owners who prioritize the safety and security of their motorcycles. This lock kit set includes four high-quality locks that are specifically designed to fit the Pulsar 150 model, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum security. Each lock in the set serves a different purpose, providing comprehensive protection for your bike.

2. The first lock in the set is the ignition lock, which is responsible for preventing unauthorized access to your bike’s ignition system. This lock ensures that only the rightful owner can start the motorcycle, adding an extra layer of security against theft. The second lock is the fuel tank lock, which effectively prevents fuel theft by securing the fuel tank cap. With this lock in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your fuel is safe and secure.

The third lock in the set is the handle lock, which locks the handlebars in place, making it impossible for anyone to steer or ride your bike without the key. This lock is particularly useful when parking your bike in public areas, as it deters potential thieves from attempting to steal your motorcycle. Lastly, the set includes a seat lock, which secures the seat in place, preventing unauthorized access to the storage compartment underneath. This lock is essential for keeping your personal belongings safe while you’re away from your bike. Overall, the Spark Minda Lock Kit Set Of 4 for Pulsar 150 is a reliable and durable security solution that ensures the safety of your motorcycle and provides you with peace of mind.


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