Suprajit Choke Cable for Shine

SKU: SHM0433


Part brand: Suprajit
Part type: Choke Cable
Part ID: SHM0433
For bike(s): Honda Shine

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1. The Suprajit Choke Cable for Shine is a high-quality replacement part designed specifically for Honda Shine motorcycles. This choke cable is manufactured by Suprajit, a trusted brand known for producing durable and reliable motorcycle parts. The cable is made from premium materials to ensure longevity and optimal performance, making it a dependable choice for riders looking to maintain their Honda Shine in top condition.

2. The Suprajit Choke Cable for Shine is easy to install and fits seamlessly into the existing setup of the Honda Shine. It is designed to provide smooth and precise operation, allowing riders to easily control the choke mechanism for starting the engine. With this choke cable, riders can trust that their Honda Shine will start smoothly every time, even in cold weather conditions. Overall, the Suprajit Choke Cable for Shine is a must-have accessory for Honda Shine owners who prioritize quality, reliability, and performance in their motorcycle parts.


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