Suprajit Speedometer Cable for Twister

SKU: SHM0514
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Part brand: Suprajit
Part type: Speedometer Cable
Part ID: SHM0514
For bike(s): Honda Twister

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1. The Suprajit Speedometer Cable for Twister is a high-quality replacement part designed specifically for the Twister motorcycle model. Made by Suprajit, a trusted brand known for producing durable and reliable automotive components, this speedometer cable is built to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. It is crafted from premium materials to ensure long-lasting performance and accuracy in measuring the speed of your motorcycle.

2. This speedometer cable is easy to install and fits seamlessly into the Twister model, providing a smooth and precise connection between the speedometer and the wheel hub. With its sturdy construction and precise design, the Suprajit Speedometer Cable for Twister offers a dependable solution for ensuring that your speedometer functions correctly and accurately. Whether you are replacing a worn-out cable or simply looking to upgrade to a higher-quality component, this product is an excellent choice for motorcycle enthusiasts who value performance and reliability. Trust Suprajit to deliver a top-notch speedometer cable that will keep you informed of your speed while riding your Twister with confidence.


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