Back Light Complete Unit Tail Light(W/O Bulb) Glamour All ( Landscape Eng) /Glamour Fi All ( Landscape Eng)

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The Tail Light for Hero Glamour and Glamour FI motorcycles is a crucial safety component that provides illumination to the rear of the vehicle. Precision-engineered for optimal performance, this tail light ensures visibility to other drivers, especially in low-light conditions or during braking. Crafted with high-quality materials, the tail light offers durability and reliability, ensuring consistent illumination and enhancing the motorcycle’s visibility on the road. Specifically designed for Glamour and Glamour FI models, this genuine Hero part guarantees compatibility and easy installation, making it an essential choice for maintaining the motorcycle’s safety features and ensuring a secure riding experience.

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Tail Light For Hero Glamour / Glamour FI
Usage & Utility
The tail Light is usually a red warning light mounted at the rear of a Motorcycle.
Additional Information
Applicability Base Model:- Glamour / GlamourFI
Applicability Model:– Glamour 2012-2019 / Glamour FI 2007-2014
Specification Material:- PMMA, PP Weight : 0.212 kg Bulb: 12V10/5W. Width: 130.3 mm. Wire Length: 150 mm. Used in: Tail Light
Know Your Product:- Made from PMMA, PP It is durable and convenient. Brings you more safety, Visible By All Traffic. Super bright wide angle and reflective casing


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