Tool box cover / utility box cover right sIde for hero super splendor 2011-16

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The tool box cover or utility box cover for the right side of Hero Super Splendor 2011-16 is a genuine replacement part designed to maintain the functionality and aesthetics of the motorcycle. Crafted with precision, this cover serves as a protective shield for the tool or utility box, safeguarding it from dust, debris, and the elements.

Specifically designed for the 2011-16 model of Hero Super Splendor, this cover ensures a perfect fit and easy installation. Its durable construction and accurate design guarantee longevity, providing riders with a reliable solution to protect their tool or utility box.

By replacing the worn-out or damaged cover with this genuine part, Hero Super Splendor owners can restore the original appearance of their motorcycles while ensuring the contents of the tool or utility box remain secure and protected. This replacement cover not only enhances the bike’s visual appeal but also contributes to its overall functionality and rider convenience.

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