TVS Accelerator Cable for Wego Drum, Wego Disc

SKU: K6170040


Part brand: TVS
Part type: Accelerator Cable
Part ID: K6170040
For bike(s): TVS Wego Drum, TVS Wego Disc

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1. The TVS Accelerator Cable is a high-quality replacement part designed specifically for the TVS Wego Drum and Wego Disc models. This accelerator cable is essential for ensuring smooth and responsive acceleration in your scooter. Made from durable materials, this cable is built to last and withstand the rigors of daily use. Whether you are replacing a worn-out cable or simply looking to upgrade your scooter’s performance, the TVS Accelerator Cable is the perfect choice.

2. Installing the TVS Accelerator Cable is quick and easy, making it a convenient solution for scooter owners. With precise engineering and a perfect fit, this cable will restore your scooter’s acceleration to its original performance levels. Say goodbye to sluggish throttle response and enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable ride with the TVS Accelerator Cable. Trust in TVS’s reputation for quality and reliability when you choose this accelerator cable for your Wego Drum or Wego Disc scooter.


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