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The Complete CDI Unit for Hero Pleasure is a vital electronic component that regulates the scooter’s ignition system. Precision-engineered for optimal performance, this CDI unit ensures accurate timing and efficient ignition, contributing to the scooter’s smooth operation. Crafted with high-quality materials, the unit offers reliability and durability, enhancing the overall performance of the Pleasure scooter. Specifically designed for Pleasure models, this genuine Hero part guarantees compatibility and easy installation, making it an essential choice for maintaining the scooter’s ignition system and ensuring a reliable and efficient ride.

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Usage & Utility
Hero Digital CDI Unit is made from high-grade components and technologically advanced machinery. The Digital CDI Unit is checked and verified under the stringent quality tests conducted within the company norms. CDI unit collecting and releasing the alternator power in succession in order to make the output compact and high with current.
Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – PLEASURE

Applicability Model – PLEASURE (2010-2014)

Specification – Material: Urethin Resin, PBT G30, DURANEX Weight : 0.134 kg Standard Thickness of Case: 2 mm. Size: (75X50X42)mm. Colour : Black Used in : Unit Assy.

Know Your Product – Made from Engineering Plastic, Urethin It is durable and convenient. Black In Colour. Timing curve optimized for maximum performance. 6 pin CDI box unit.


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