Usha Engine Valve for Tuff

SKU: 6053/54


Part brand: Usha
Part type: Engine Valve
Part ID: 6053/54
For bike(s): Hero Tuff

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1. The Usha Engine Valve for Tuff is a high-quality and durable product designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of your engine. This engine valve is specifically engineered to withstand tough conditions and provide optimal functionality in various applications. Whether you are using it in a heavy-duty vehicle or a power generator, this valve is built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

2. Crafted with precision and expertise, the Usha Engine Valve for Tuff is made from top-grade materials that ensure its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Its robust construction and superior design make it suitable for engines operating under high temperatures and extreme pressures. With this valve, you can expect improved engine efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced overall performance. Trust Usha’s reputation for delivering top-notch products, and choose the Usha Engine Valve for Tuff to optimize the performance of your engine and ensure its longevity.


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