Varroc CDI for CD Deluxe, Splendor NXG

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Part brand: Varroc
Part type: CDI
Part ID: CDEI-PSPR-3031
For bike(s): Hero CD Deluxe, Hero Splendor NXG

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1. The Varroc CDI for CD Deluxe and Splendor NXG is a high-quality ignition system designed to enhance the performance of your motorcycle. This Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) unit is specifically engineered to provide reliable and consistent spark timing, ensuring optimal combustion and improved engine efficiency. With its advanced technology and precision engineering, the Varroc CDI helps to maximize fuel efficiency and power output, resulting in a smoother and more responsive ride.

2. This Varroc CDI is a direct replacement for the stock ignition system on CD Deluxe and Splendor NXG motorcycles, making it easy to install without any modifications. Its durable construction and robust design ensure long-lasting performance and reliability, even in the most demanding riding conditions. Whether you are a casual rider or a performance enthusiast, the Varroc CDI for CD Deluxe and Splendor NXG is a must-have upgrade that will take your motorcycle to the next level.


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