Winker Assembly | Without Bulb Front Right | Ignitor | Hero

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The “WINKER ASSEMBLY | WITHOUT BULB FRONT RIGHT | IGNITOR | HERO” is a specific motorcycle part designed for Hero Ignitor motorcycles. This assembly refers to the turn signal light located on the front right side of the motorcycle. It comes without the bulb, so users will need to insert a compatible bulb into the assembly for it to function properly. The winker assembly plays a crucial role in indicating the rider’s intention to turn or change lanes, enhancing safety on the road by making the motorcycle’s movements visible to other vehicles. For accurate fit and functionality, it’s essential to ensure compatibility with the specific Hero Ignitor model and refer to the product documentation or consult with authorized dealers.

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Usage & Utility
Winker is a Turn Signal, Used to describe turn signals on motorcycles.
Additional Information

Applicability Base Model – IGNITOR

Applicability Model – 2012-2015

In The Box – Set Of Two Winkers – Left and Right

Specification – Material: PC, PVC Bulb Winker: 12V 10W. Used in: Tail Winker

Know Your Product – Made from Polycarbonate & PVC turn signal/indicator lights. Shock & Vibration Resistant. Easy installation


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